March 17, 2021 2 min read

Gundlach said people love exotic animals such as snakes, iguanas, camels and monkeys because they have been conditioned to believe that they exhibit affection and arecute to have around.Most people looking at these images see an adorable little animal, but they forget about the horror it may have gone through to get there, she said.Gundlach explained that, in many cases, people pay a great deal of money and undergo an 18+ hour journey just to go to some foreign country specifically to purchase an exotic snake that most likely came from a snake farm.


Not only that, but the conditions in which these animals are kept are horrible. Ive visited many peoples homes who have exotic animals and the most common thing is that they have little to no heat and are in tiny glass tanks.There is absolutely no way for these animals to move, eat properly and its essentially like looking at a box, Gundlach said.In addition to making a personal change and posting less photos of exotic animals on Instagram, Gundlach urges people to share the petition and spread awareness.The goal is to ban any ads based on exotic animals, which pretty much would ban all of them, she said.Like I said earlier, these animals are kept in terrible conditions and this is why I think its about time that Instagram ban them from the app.Gundlach said that there were accounts on Instagram that resulted in her losing followers on her own account, but she continued her efforts because she knew that it was for a good cause.


Gundlachs petition to ban exotic animals has garnered over 50,000 signatures and is continuing to grow.I had a few people follow me on Twitter from my account that was against exotic animals so Im sure there are a lot more out there, Gundlach said.I am requesting that as many people as possible to sign this petition so that we can make Instagram shut down all of these accounts.Gundlach said that another way to help end the sale of exotic animals is to buy products that are free of animal byproducts.For example, I believe many people love NARS, which is a makeup company, and a lot of their products contain bits of animals such as bone powder, bits of bird feathers and snake skin, even some of their lipsticks contain crushed insect, Gundlach said.When asked why she chose to lead the charge against exotic animals, Gundlach responded,I couldnt just sit by and do nothing when there was so much wrong with the world. I lost so many friends because of my stance on this, but in the end Im sure theyll see the light and realize that I was right all along.