March 03, 2021 2 min read

Sea turtles were once very common, and as a result, they are a very attractive symbol of a healthy environment. They are also an endangered species that is fighting to survive the pollution that is causing their numbers to decline. Since people are more environmental conscious, they have polluted the Earth a lot less than in the past. However, when it comes to the oceans, this is not the case. The oceans are essential to our survival, because they produce 97% of the oxygen we need to breathe

the oceans, it is very possible that we would not be able to survive at all.There are many different types of marine pollution, but there are two in particular that are extremely harmful. The first of these two types is plastic pollution. The main idea behind plastic pollution is that plastic never breaks down. In fact, plastic gets broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, but it never actually breaks down completely. As a result, plastic pollution is the main reason some people are finding a hundred pieces of plastic debris on every single beach that is in the ocean. Plastic pollution has ruined the oceans, and has caused them to become smaller. With the oceans getting smaller, there is less room for marine animals to live, and less places for them to be able to swim.

proves even more harmful to the other type of marine pollution, which is oil pollution. Oil pollution is also a big problem, because it kills off a lot of species of animals, and it also ruins habitats. The oil creates big expanses of oil that are very hard to go through, and that are very hard to get rid of.An example of oil pollution is taking place right now in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a huge oil spill going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now, and the people fighting to save the oil are having a very difficult time.

are a lot of fish and marineurchins, and hundreds of fish species that are dying every single day because of this oil spill. There are many people all around the world that are trying to do what they can to figure out how to clean up this problem. This problem is not fully one of humans fault, however, because these are natural disasters. These are not natural disasters. They are very unnatural disasters that are a result of mans need to consume natural resources. If the demand for oil goes down, then the price of oil is able to lower. There would not be many people that would want to get oil out of the ground if it was not worth it.