February 04, 2021 3 min read

As you are probably aware, climate change is a hugely controversial topic these days. While it used to be discussed only in scientific circles and among environmentalists, who believed that the Earth was rapidly undergoing a dangerous warming trend, it is nowadays a topic that everybody has an opinion on. Some people believe that climate change is a totally non-hysterical phenomenon with a very real cause that is driven by human activity and which could potentially have terrifying global consequences. Others believe that climate change is just a wild exaggeration made up to justify a government takeover. This is why we want to present you with some interesting facts about climate change, to help you better inform yourself.

Climate change is actually the observed rise of global mean temperatures

Most scientists believe that the global temperature is rising due to a combination of factors. While solar activity may be one of the culprits, the main cause is believed to be a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, most of which are the result of the burning of fossil fuels by humans. In addition to the foreseen rise in temperatures, climate change is also melting polar ice capes and causing sea levels to rise at an alarming rate. According to some estimates, sea levels could rise by a staggering two feet by the year 2100.

Climate change is real, but that doesn’t mean that it will be terrible

This is one of the most widely-held misconceptions about climate change. Because the worlds temperature has risen by only a very small percentage in the past thirty years, many people are still in denial about climate change. However, they are in denial about climate change due to a lack of knowledge. Its true that climate change has been happening for quite some time, but human activity is what is causing it to progress so rapidly. In addition, the actual effects of climate change will likely only be experienced in the future, which is why some people are so skeptical about it.

Climate change will cause many catastrophes off the coasts

Rising sea levels are a very real consequence of climate change, and could be felt in all coastal locations. One of the most obvious consequences could be the destruction of areas like New York and Florida, which contain millions of homes and businesses on the coast. In addition, rising sea levels will cause property values to drop dramatically and many residents will no longer want to live in coastal areas. This will put quite a strain on the economy, and places like New York City could suffer greatly from this.

Climate change is not at all impossible to reverse

Its true that humankind has made drastic changes to the earth, and one of the major ones is that the CO2 levels have risen to a point where a rise of eight degrees could feasibly be possible. However, this doesnt mean that humans are unable to reverse the effects. The only way to reverse climate change is to curb our burning of fossil fuels. This will occur slowly, and will take centuries.

Even climate scientists don’t totally agree on climate change

Even though we have presented you with a lot of interesting facts about climate change to help you come to your own conclusion about whether it is a myth or a reality, there is one thing that everyone can agree on. There are many disagreements among scientists about the global warming phenomenon, many of which are due to competing interests. Some scientists are backed by energy companies, while others might have a personal reason to lie about climate change. However, there is also disagreement among scientists and environmentalists who agree that climate change is real.